Thursday, April 21, 2011

Boys will be boys

So the other day, my newphews were playing in the basement while their parents ran upstairs. K (who is 2) came upstairs completly soaking wet! His parents asked both A (5 years old) and K what happened and A was quick to respond that his younger brother K was playing in a puddle of water in the garage. So his dad opened the door leading into the garage and found not a single puddle. His dad questioned K (2 year old) again, and then K mumbled a few words, and spit out the words "A pee on head." Then A quickly told his dad, "Dad, I might have fibbed" And the Dad said "A, is this true?!! Did you pee on his head?! WHY would you do such a thing?!" A said, "Well Dad, I asked him if I could pee on his head and he said yes, so I did, and now i'm forgetting about it already, so it's okay that I did that!"


  1. BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! SUSAN...this is hilarious!! I hope my nephew never pees on his sibling. EWW!!

  2. siblings! gotta love it. best story. ever. :)